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Young Starr Lo put out “Bout That Shit” on YouTube November 26, 2012. After an unexpected amount of response to the record, a full-length project was anticipated, which led to writing & recording the additional songs that collectively became The LGNDARY Project [Mixtape] (released on DatPiff December 12th, 2012, on iTunes May 2013).


After an unexpected amount of response to the record, a full-length project was anticipated, which led to writing & recording the additional songs that collectively became The LGNDARY Project [Mixtape] & was released May 2013 on iTunes, which included songs like “YRS Brand” which is the clothing line that sponsored the recording sessions & is now co-owned by him, & IAMTHEFUTURE which was the only song recorded in a professional studio to showcase the potential quality if fans supported & donated for the development of a full project. display the potential if the music was supported by the listeners if people were willing to support the quality of audio that would be able to be achieved.

August 2013 I hear this song Control where I hear the first artist basically imitates my Bout That Shit song’s second verse’s flow… Realizing that obviously major label artists & key players may be watching, “Real Recognize Real” was subsequentially released September 2013.

After learning more about the business side of music, the importance of releasing music on major platforms & I gained access to different tools to accomplish … It became apparent that coming from obscurity was going to be a larger-than-life task in itself…

Taken by the inspiration of the previous project’s release, “The LGNDARY EP” was released in another attempt to raise funds for studio time, further including YRS Brand custom-made merchandise as extra incentives.

the record “IKNXW” (I Know) was also released, exclusively via his YouTube channel.


After being frustrated with the hustle of becoming known, recorded & released several records on SoundCloud.com/YoungStarrTM, which coupled with records from several other experimental recording sessions created LGNDARY: Ready And Waiting (#LGNDARYRAW) that was exclusively available through MTV.com May 1st 2014, in hopes of becoming buzzworthy… The end goal still resulted in hundreds of people more anxious on new material after hearing “Solid”, “Burglar Rap”, & “Infiniti Bars”. More unreleased records were published via SoundCloud.com/YoungStarrTM & YouTube.com/007jaydoe meanwhile.

Still feeling a level of stagnation in the amount of response to the music & feeling underestimated & targeted by those deeming his destiny to be an unprofitable mixtape artist, the Rap-infused R&B record “Thinkin’ Bout You” [Video] was released Nov 11, 2014 in order to show the versatility & potential to excel above the status quo that was buried under the speculation. With an unexpected flood of positive feedback to the record , the records was coupled with a few new records in the same genre which became LoveSongzEP, released on Valentine’s Day, 2015 on his BandCamp page.

One Imfamous freestyled recording session, done in the end of 2014, was 9 hours long & produced the songs that collectively became “The Ascension”, “blessed.”, “indigochild”, & a slew of other records to be released


While enjoying the well received nature of the more R&B crowd & gaining a larger following, there was an air from those who had began to follow based off the street-heavy-yet-clean, almost nostalgic Hip-Hop sound that was before.
All the while in between in the creative , 2014’s recording session was broken down created & songs were produced 2014 but never released on major platforms, which are available at yslpro.bandcamp.com :

The Ascension (Jan 2015)
blessed. (Jan 2015)
indigochild (May 2015)
indigochild ii (July 2015)
GXDBXDY (Sept 2015)
MRDR (Oct 215)
Nov 2015

Became the head engineer working for a local upcoming studio Hilltop Sounds in March 2015. Left after going through a whirlwind of issues with the creation process & losing motivation stifling of the creative juices left working there, while meeting with Ras Attitude & Prya The Don which placed all the motivation right back on track & shined the light on what is needed to be done to elevate take the music to the next level… It started to all make sense

“Give Me The Light” was the result, an experimental melodic soulful freestyled record. This was released in August 2015 as a prequel to indigochild, along with IKNXW being re-released on major music platforms.

“Dreams”, a record that was actually written 2012, was finally released in order to show the Hip-Hop was still a strong tool in his arsenal & that his content could retain its power over time.

Figuring out a way to connect the two genres & still being able to satisfy both sets of new listeners, “Whatever U Like” & “Whatever U Need” were created & released November & December 2015, with samples on SoundCloud


1st Week Sales (Reporting Live) , a live freestyle session which became an album, was recorded January 7th which produced the songs “Collect”, “Something New”

All projects were announced in 2014